Ideally located

Ideally located

Our offshore location enables us to provide you with the maximum level of wealth protection whilst operating within a highly regulated environment

Pulling together

Pulling together

We work with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are specifically tailored to your needs

In safe hands

In safe hands

However you want to protect your future, you can be sure that the solutions we provide are both safe and secure

Insurance policies

All the policies issued by Lighthouse are Private Placement policies, which means that they are only available to high net-worth individuals and not by way of any public offering or retail distribution network.

Variable Universal Life Insurance Policies

Aimed at providing cost-effective custom global investment flexibility, a variable death benefit that is tax-free in most jurisdictions and legitimate asset protection for the policy owner and beneficiaries.

Variable Annuity Policies

Designed as a retirement planning solution, variable annuities can provide immediate or deferred payments as desired by the policy owner. Like variable life insurance, variable annuities provide cost-effective custom global investment flexibility and legitimate asset protection for the policy owner and beneficiaries.

These policies, which may be customised for each client, can offer a variety of advantages for wealthy clients and have been used by clients seeking succession, wealth and tax planning opportunities to protect and maximise their wealth.

When considering estate planning options, a policy will provide an efficient means of transferring assets to successive generations and it may also have the added advantage of mitigating estate or inheritance taxes. Furthermore, it may be possible in specific circumstances to include policy provisions that allow lifetime access to the policy assets.

In the context of wealth management and capital preservation, the variable nature of a policy will allow for a return based on the performance of the policy’s Separate Account rather than a combined rate achieved by the insurance company. The client will have the opportunity to select a preferred investment manager or choose ‘Insurance Dedicated Fund’ investments.

A significant advantage of an international life or annuity policy is its ability to accumulate income and capital gains, tax-free. The effect of this gross compounding has a very positive impact on the overall growth of the policy value.

Our existing clients have used policies to accomplish a broad range of objectives and these have included clients wishing to participate in international investment opportunities, clients seeking efficient immigration and emigration plans, clients seeking to make provisions for family members in third countries and clients with estate planning structures such as trusts and similar arrangements.

For corporate clients, custom Lighthouse variable life insurance policies have been used for key-man insurance and variable annuities for ‘non-qualified’ executive compensation.

Security and privacy are important criteria for wealthy private clients and a Lighthouse policy always takes account of these issues. It is vital that a policy provides security of the assets through the Segregated Account insurance laws, proper custody arrangements and by holding appropriate re-insurance cover; while the structure of a policy ensures it will be compliant and every client is legitimately afforded the benefits of discretion and privacy.

In addition to standard form variable universal life and variable annuities, Lighthouse provides a broad spectrum of policies custom designed for the individual circumstances of a client and this might include multiple lives policies.